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What is E-GRIP

E-GRIP is an exercise product that can be connected to a smartphone app. It's a fun, game-like, professional-supervised, full-fledged exercise. It's hard to get bored with it, unlike traditional video-based exercise! It will make your previous three-day exercise routine seem like a lie. With a small E-GRIP, you can turn your home into a training gym. Exercise applications that work with E-GRIP will be released as they become available.

The first one is a boxing exercise called "Play Boxing".

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Exercising at home involves clearing out the furniture, laying out the yoga mat, and cleaning up afterwards. It can be quite a hassle. With this product, all you need is an E-GRIP. All you need is the E-GRIP, install the dedicated app on your smartphone, and you're ready to go.

A fun and easy way to exercise at home!

E-GRIP Specifications

Motion Sensor

It has a built-in high-precision sensor to acquire body movements in real time.

Control Buttons

The top-mounted buttons allow remote control of the application.


Designed for fast boot-up, it connects to applications in seconds and provides low latency communication. low latency communication.


Ergonomic Design

The size of the device is determined based on statistical information, and the ergonomic design is based on a curved surface shape. This provides an excellent fit.

Battery Powered

Optimized electrical circuit design allows for 2.5 months of actual play time.

Android/iOS Supported

Supports devices with Android 6.0 or higher (98.5% market share in Japan) and iOS 11 or higher (99.8% market share in Japan).

The 1st exercise application for E-GRIP
Play Boxing

A rhythm game boxing exercise.
From rock to pop, there are more than 80 songs.
In addition, all the movements of the exercises are original and created according to the music.

It is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise at the same time, with the same intensity as strength training. It is a very efficient exercise that can be done in a limited space.

  • Diet while playing in game mode.
  • Full-scale dieting in training mode
  • Number of songs over 80
  • Supervised by a boxing professional
About PlayBoxing
Boxer NOGI

Former professional boxer and trainer
Supervisor: Joji NOGI

Mr. Joji Nogi, a former professional boxer himself, was the training partner of Daisuke Naito, the former WBC World Flyweight Champion. He has trained numerous boxers and fighters, including Kaoru Uno, Hayato, Ayaka Hamasaki, and Daigo Higa.

It is an efficient way to exercise.
By combining the punching part of boxing with the more strenuous strength training part You can lose weight in a balanced way.

Book   DVD to help you understand! The Most New Boxing Textbook

Dieting Effects

It is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise at the same time, with the same intensity as strength training. It is a very efficient exercise that can be done in a limited space.
According to our calculations, 20 minutes of Play Boxing can burn as many calories as one rice ball.

※Calories burned will vary depending on the intensity of the exercise and your body weight.

PlayBoxing KCal

Future Work

More exercise apps for E-GRIP will be added soon.
E-GRIP PlayJump

E-GRIP Rope-Jumping

Jump rope is a simple yet effective way to exercise. With E-GRIP, you can enjoy jumping rope exercise like a game without getting bored.

E-GRIP PlayBike


By combining the E-GRIP with an aerobic bike, anyone can easily start exercising. The combination of the E-GRIP and the aerobic bike makes this familiar exercise into a new kind of exercise.

E-GRIP PlayDance

E-GRIP Dance

Dance is a fun way to exercise. With E-GRIP, you can make dancing more fun and never get bored.

Company Information

Ooh! Inc. E-GRIP is a product developed by Ooh! Inc.